Samos Greece
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Samos (area ca 500 sq. km, population 50000 people) An island that has not only been graced with exquisite beauty, but with a rich cultural and historic heritage as well. Despite the devastating fires of 1998 it still remains a “green island’ with pine forests, olive groves and citrus trees. Its endless grapevines are the source of the famous Samos wines. The greenery rolls down the hills to the coast to give way to beautiful beaches ending in clear blue Aegean water.

Samos Greece

One of the most powerful ancient Greek goddesses, Hera, was born, raised and worshiped here. Great philosophers were also born on the island: Aristarchus was the first to postulate that the Earth moves, Pythagoras-try to think of a problem in Geometry or Trigonometry that doesn’t involve his famous theorem, Epicuros set a school of philosophy, bearing his name, which more or less stipulates that man is meant to have a good time.

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