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Built on the ruins of the ancient city of Samos, it condenses more than twenty-six centuries of Greek history. Such a rich cultural heritage was obviously a result of the necessity to be in harmony with the natural beauty of the surroundings of the town and the island as a whole.

It reflects back to the people’s attitude to life, the way they eat, drink or have fun. And in true homage to Xenius Zeus (Jupiter the god of hospitality), they welcome their guests to take a dip into that way of life and come out rejuvenated. There are plenty of opportunities to do so as the visitor to the island can take
a stroll along the picturesque little port around which the town is built. Visitors can choose out of the many little bars, “ouzeri” (a kind of bar where you can accompany your ouzo or other drinks with specialty snacks called “mezedes”), and restaurants for all tastes and wallets. They can enjoy their meal or drink together with the magnificent view of the port with
the sailboats and the fishing boats. The inquisitive ones might ask: Is there any nightlife? Can you have some real fun? The answer is: Yes, yes and loads of them. In the evening things seem to liven up. The bars come alive and they keep on up to the wee hours of the day. Let us not forget that more than two and a half thousand years ago, a whole philosophical school started here stipulating that life is meant to be enjoyed. And the people keep that rule to the letter.

The present is successfully intertwined with the past. There are all the modern facilities, banks supermarkets, restaurants (a couple of which are very posh too) and souvenir shops. There are beautiful organised beaches, ideal for relaxation, with umbrellas, sun beds and sea sport facilities.

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