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Paros island is the third largest Cycladic island after Naxos and Andros located in the Aegean sea in the center of Cyclades. It has an area of 205 and lies 90 nautical miles from Piraeus and 80 nautical miles from Rafina ports a very important maritime knot; its connected by boats with nearly all the Aegean islands and Crete. The island also hosts an airport with connections to Athens.

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Its rolling landscape falls gently from the heights of Profit Elias mountain down to the coastal plains which cover much of the island. The island is a wonderful combination of softly rolling mountains, sandy beaches and traditional Greek houses. The mountains of Paros produce the best white marble in the world; most of the masterpieces of ancient Greece were made of this marble; Venus d'Milo, Praxiteles' Hermes, Parthenon. The island is famous for the quality of its wine both white and red.

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